Who we are

Tamsen and Lia

Tamsen Courtenay (l.) and Lia Rocchiccioli

Lia Rocchiccioli is a professional chef who specializes in the unique Marchigiana cuisine.  An adopted daughter of Le Marche, she has cooked for a living everywhere from luxury yachts to the Sahara desert. But the natural food and the healthy and relaxed lifestyle always bring her back to her home in Le Marche.

Lia is learning English from Tamsen Courtenay, American by birth, English by upbringing and now Sarnano resident. Tam works in Sarnano as a teacher of English as a foreign language.  In Cookucina, Tam learns to cook alla Marchigiana, while Lia tries to improve her English.

Witty, attractive, competent but sometimes chaotic, Tam and Lia travel the beautiful countryside to collect pure and natural ingredients from the rich and fertile woods and fields, as well as meeting some of the extraordinary countryfolk of Le Marche – a people who more or less live for food.


1 thought on “Who we are

  1. Hi Tam
    Lovely website & great concept for a TV series; is it being aired in the UK because I’d love to see it?
    Fondest regards

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