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In the Cookucine kitchen

In the Cookucina kitchen

Cookucina is about learning through enjoyment – love of food, love of language, and love of this exquisite corner of Italy.  It’s about simple food, beautifully made.  Through the series each woman will learn much from the other’s skills, but there will be some disasters (and much laughter) along the way.

In Cookucina Tam and Lia will have fun as they share their expertise – fun which will leave the viewer just a little wiser and with a sense of having passed a few minutes in infectious company.

Series One of Cookucina consists of 6 x 25 minute programmes designed for a commercial 30 minute slot.  Each programme will be the menu for a full meal.  So that in total there will be 6 x antipasto or primi piatti, 6 x main course dishes or secondi piatti and 6 x dolce or desserts.


  1. Lovely. Where is this being broadcast?

    • Cookucina has only just gone on sale (at MIPCOM in Cannes) and we are happy to say that broadcasters from right around the world have asked to view it. So, watch this space for more updates.

  2. Watching you on Croatian television every morning (by accident, I’m usually working mornings, but I’m on a sick leave at the moment). I like the show, I love the ladies, I plan to try making all the recipes for my family…Mi anche piace la combinazione di due lingue…Saluti dalla Croazia…

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. We hope you enjoyed all the dishes!

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