Production Team

The Cookucina Production Team are among the most experienced makers of factual  television, having learned their trade in the demanding environment of documentary making for BBC Television, before moving on to international outlets.

Producer Stephen Phelps is a writer, television producer and broadcaster. After producing BBC’s Rough Justice, he established his own TV production company, Just Television, winning the Royal Television Society’s inaugural Specialist Journalism Award in 1999, and the New York Festival World Gold Medal for News Investigative Reports, 2001. In ten years Just Television’s award-winning series Trial and Error secured the release of more than a dozen men and women wrongly imprisoned for murder.  Before that he was Deputy Editor of BBC’s Watchdog and Director, Hong Kong, for BBC World Service Television. Working with Al Jazeera, he launched The Stream, an innovative live daily programme covering news and current affairs through social media as well as Executive Producing major documentary series, including Killing The Count and Orphans of the Sahara. He has worked as a consultant with the Doha Film Institute in Qatar and the annual Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

Peter HeadshotPeter Minns is one of television’s most versatile Directors. He built his reputation as a leading documentary Director with films for the BBC and the UK’s Channel 4 including The Rolling Stones 20 Years On. His dramatised productions include Memo from Macchiavelli starring Ian Richardson, Death of the Marchioness and A Question of Sleaze. He won a Royal Television Society award for 30 Years On… The Birmingham Bombings and Best Indie award for Chris Patten’s East Meets West. Other RTS nominations include a two-hour part dramatised investigation into Sothebys for Channel 4’s Dispatches strand which became the lead story in every major newspaper in Britain and America.


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