On TV in USA!

Broadcast on US Television

The full 6-part Cookucina Series is scheduled to broadcast in the USA on PBS, beginning in mid-2016

We are inviting sponsorship for this first Series with a view to a long-term relationship on future series. We expect to film a second series in Le Marche, Italy, in the winter of 2015/2016

Each sponsor (there will be four in total) will get a 15 second slate, with voiceover, which will run twice with each episode’s transmission (immediately before, and then repeated at the end of, each episode).This will happen every time the program is broadcast anywhere in the USA over a 3 year period. We have given PBS rights to broadcast the Series whenever and as often as they wish, over this 3 year period.

We would like to discuss and negotiate a price PER EPISODE (i.e. for 2 transmissions of your advertisement). So, the final price will be 6 times the episode cost.

Why PBS?

Viewing of Mainstream TV in the US is falling, but PBS is bucking that trend. PBS has some 350 stations across America – some stations will show the programs more than 300 times, others much less.

Given that your slot would be shown twice each time any episode is shown anywhere, a median figure for total transmissions would be around 100,000 transmissions per year. Cumulatively, your commercial could reach 2 million viewers for each episode transmission.

Adverts on PBS reach 88 of the top 100 markets and in a typical year, 86% of television households watch PBS (around 211 million). In a typical month, about 100 million Americans watch PBS

Create TV

Additionally, our distributor, APT (American Public Television) will broadcast your commercial on their own Create TV Channel, the most-carried multicast channel on public television, currently broadcast by 229 stations with a market coverage of 78% of US Television Households. It is specifically geared towards ‘how-to­’ programmes with an emphasis on travel and lifestyle (the other 2 elements of this unique series – aside from the cooking component). Now in its 10th year, Create TV regularly reaches 44 million people nationwide.

What next?

If you are marketing products or services in the USA and are interested in becoming a sponsor of Cookucina you can contact us by email at cookucina@gmail.com, on our Facebook page or via this website. We can also be contacted by telephone at +393383521583.


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