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Welcome to the COOKUCINA website!

Tam and Lia at the window of the Cookucina House

Tam and Lia at the Cookucina House

Welcome to the Cookucina website!  Please take a good look around and tell us what you think.

We’ll also be using this page to bring you up to date with new developments on a series which will soon be growing beyond the initial six episodes that are already out there in the world!
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Sponsorship Opportunity – Cookucina on US TV, coming soon!

We are excited to announce that Cookucina is being prepared for transmission on US television starting next summer (2016). We will be going out on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) which has some 350 stations across America.

Additionally, our distributor, APT (American Public Television) will broadcast your commercial on their own Create TV Channel, the most-carried multicast channel on public television, currently broadcast by 229 stations with a market coverage of 78% of US Television Households. It is specifically geared towards ‘how-to­’ programmes with an emphasis on travel and lifestyle (the other 2 elements of this unique series – aside from the cooking component).

We are actively looking for sponsors to underwrite this series for a three year period during which time some stations will show the programs as many as 300 times. Given that your slot would be shown twice each time any episode is shown anywhere, a median figure for total spots would be around 100,000 transmissions per year. Cumulatively, your commercial could reach 2 million viewers for each episode transmission. To find out more please click on the On TV in USA! tab.

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Strange weather in food paradise

Last night it SNOWED!


Last night it SNOWED!

On May 25!  In a week it will be June.

And we are half way to Africa!

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Festa dei Fiori


Buying flowers not food this time

May 1st. A Labour Day holiday in Italy. And it’s also Festa dei Fiori here today. Flowers everywhere and Sarnano looked stunning this morning, until suddenly there was a hailstorm of biblical proportions, and all was washed out. Thunder, lightning and hailstones like little marbles. And tomorrow it will be 25 degrees again. That’s spring for you.


The flower police on patrol!


But some flowers escaped capture…


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Summer is Here!

Suddenly it’s like the summer has arrived in Sarnano. We seem to have missed out the spring altogether.


Wild flowers springing up all over the place and there’s still snow on the mountains.

And already we’re thinking about autumn food for the second series!


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Recipes Complete!

All the recipes for the first series of Cookucina are now online!  Check them out in the Recipes tab at

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Bacco nel Borgo

For the first time in Sarnano!

This coming weekend, another food first for Sarnano!  The whole of the Centro Storico  will be given over to a high class wine fair – Bacco nel Borgo

A walk through the old town of Sarnano, tasting wine, grappa and other spirits. This is the first edition of Le Marche’s regional eno-gastronomic fair to take place here within the ancient buildings of the historic centre of Sarnano. The wineries and producers present will be on hand to inform, advise and assist visitors while offering generous tastings of their products.

“This year,” says the president of the tourist information organizer ConSarnano “We chose to go with our region, le Marche, which has numerous DOC, producing top quality wines”.  The route through the Centro Storico will be enhanced by the presence of folk groups and there will be stalls offering typical autumn foods. For the occasion, the Taverna di Piazza Alta will be open with a fixed price menu.  Always a good idea to book though!

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Mushrooming in the Mountains

We went mushrooming in the mountains this morning.  No snow, but a howling gale!  Couldn’t stand up, so had to go lower down.  Paltry pickings – but delicious.

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Snow is on the way!

It’s been beautifully t-shirt warm here recently, but now the temperature is dropping fast and we might even wake up to the first snow on the mountains.  It will be pretty, though, as well as cold.  Like last year…