Posted by: 2chapelcottages | February 20, 2015

Sponsorship Opportunity – Cookucina on US TV, coming soon!

We are excited to announce that Cookucina is being prepared for transmission on US television starting next summer (2016). We will be going out on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) which has some 350 stations across America.

Additionally, our distributor, APT (American Public Television) will broadcast your commercial on their own Create TV Channel, the most-carried multicast channel on public television, currently broadcast by 229 stations with a market coverage of 78% of US Television Households. It is specifically geared towards ‘how-to­’ programmes with an emphasis on travel and lifestyle (the other 2 elements of this unique series – aside from the cooking component).

We are actively looking for sponsors to underwrite this series for a three year period during which time some stations will show the programs as many as 300 times. Given that your slot would be shown twice each time any episode is shown anywhere, a median figure for total spots would be around 100,000 transmissions per year. Cumulatively, your commercial could reach 2 million viewers for each episode transmission. To find out more please click on the On TV in USA! tab.


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