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Tam and Lia at the window of the Cookucina House
Tam (L), Lia (R)

Italian Cooking


Flash History

Cookucina is all these things.  A six-part digital video series presented by two vivacious and attractive 40-something (and a bit!) women – Cookucina is a simple bi-lingual celebration of regional Italian food and the all-natural ingredients grown in the lush countryside in the foothills of the Sibillini Mountains.

24 thoughts on “What we are

  1. Ciao, I bought the Cookucina book it’s been fun to read how the process came together. Really though I bought it for the recipes, sorry Stephen. Lia do you think you would ever write a cookbook on LaMarche regional food? I like to think that my grandfather might have eaten some these dishes.

    • Hi Gina,
      Nice to hear from you again. I am afraid it’s a while since we did this and we never got round to doing a cookbook. We got overtaken by other things (like earthquakes). Glad you enjoy the recipes though. See you next year?

  2. I found your program while researching my families lineage. My grand father and brothers family came from Sanarno! I was so excited when I came across Cookucina. I am hoping to travel to Sanarno on my mom’s birthday 2022. So don’t go anywhere! BTW my great uncle who traveled with my grandfather died here in Boston in 1918 during the last pandemic. So please be safe.

    • Hi Gina. How nice to hear from you. And very pleased that you found Cookucina and made the connection with Sarnano. We’ve lived here for getting on for 15 years and we absolutely love it. We had to leave our house in the centro storico after the earthquakes, but fortunately were able to move into a house in the hills just outside the town, where we have fabulous views of the mountains. It is a truly delightful place. Do please keep in touch, especially when you come next year, and we will meet up. And let me know if there’s any way we can help with tracing your ancestors and extended family. For instance, just before the earthquakes the town museum had opened a display about emigration, including lists of people emigrating to the USA in the early years of the last century. I don’t think it has been re-opened yet, but it might be possible to get access to some of the exhibits if we ask nicely… All for now, and thanks for getting in touch, Stephen

  3. Hello…just watched episode 1 and I’m hooked. We have a little place in Loro Piceno and visit Sarnano regularly ( at least to visit Andrea who deals with our internet connection when we are in Italy) .Looking forward to watching the other programmes ( purchased on Amazon) and learning abut the local cuisine in Le Marche …and yes, I will buy the book.

    • Hi Mary, Thank you so much for your kind comments – it means a lot. You are the first to find us online (or at least the first we know about!) I wonder, where did you actually find the series (it’s on three platforms)? It would be really great if you could post a review on whichever platform it was, as that will help others to find it.

      Do you mind if I let Tam have details of your website? She is looking to start a photography site and could do with some inspiration!

      Non sono mai andato in Sicilia, ma spero andare presto. Dov’e la vostra casa?

      Many thanks


    • Thank you for your reply Stephen! Because I am obsessed with Italy and cooking, I found your Cookucina Series through searching ‘Cook’ on my Apple TV then TV Shows. It came up under PBS and I bought the series through iTunes. It’s wonderful and then I started googling and found your blog and website but FB was not up to date. Then I realized there was an earthquake in the town! Please start your next series ‘Cookucina Travels to….’

      We have a home in Ispica, Sicily which is the Provincia Di Ragusa near Modica and Noto…old old Baroque Towns with delicious food and sweets.
      If you ever decide to bring your series to southeastern Sicily you have my kitchen!

      I am an artist and own a card and gift company primarily for Pet Lovers. Yes please do show Tam and if you have any questions I’m here ….being in business for 35 years comes with much experience! I’m positive she has some incredible photographs of Italy and Cooking!

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